Information for travellers in regards to the corona virus (covid-19 pandemic)

We would like to inform you that in compliance with the current coronavirus (COVID-19) regulations, authorities of Bosnia and Herzegovina made it mandatory for passengers to meet at least one of the requirements:

– Have a PCR or an antigen test, which is:

•Not older than 48 hours, when coming from European countries
•Not older than 72 hours, when coming from Non-European countries or

– Have a vaccination certificate:

• That proves that the passenger have received the second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine more than 1 day before the arrival
• T0hat proves that the passenger have received the one dose of the single dose vaccine more than 14 days before the arrival

– Have a certificate issued by a doctor, that the passenger has overcome COVID-19 at least 14 but maximum 180 days before the day of the arrival.

The following passengers are exempt from presenting a certificate of negative COVID-19 test:

– Citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina,
– Minors, whose parent is a citizen of Bosnia and Herzegovina,
– Foreign citizens, who is the spouse of a citizen of Bosnia and Herzegovina,
– Children under the age of seven accompanied by a parent or a guardian,
– Foreign citizens who transit through the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina, without staying on the territory of the country,
– Diplomatic/Consular staff accredited in Bosnia and Herzegovina with diplomatic card of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Bosnia and Herzegovina (type D, MO, K, S, PO, PK, PP) and a valid passport,
– Civil protection services and teams when their entry into Bosnia and Herzegovina is urgent,
– NATO military personnel,
– Heads of state and members of their delegations whose arrival and departure have been announced to the border police through diplomatic channels or through protocols of the competent authority.

All documentation must be in languages that are accepted by the destination country.

Foreign citizens are obliged to follow and respect all instructions of the competent authorities, epidemiological and health services of Bosnia and Herzegovina.